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BioOne vs. Green Gobbler Drain & Septic Cleaner

Water Running Down Drain

If you have a septic system, you understand the importance of maintaining it. Though regular pumpings and inspections are an essential part of maintaining your system, they aren’t the only solutions available. Two popular products, BioOne and Green Gobbler Septic Saver, can be used regularly to maintain the natural balance inside your tank. While both contain bacteria, their processes differ. We’ll breakdown the differences of these 2 popular products.

What is BioOne?

BioOne is a bacteria-based product used for maintaining septic systems, grease traps, drains and RV holding tanks. When added to your tank, the bacteria in BioOne begin to completely digest waste, including fats, oils, and greases, or FOG. It can be used in emergency applications and is also recommended for regular use to avoid emergencies before they occur. The product comes in both liquid and powder forms.

BioOne contains no added enzymes and instead relies on live, vegetative microbes to degrade FOG in septic tanks and grease traps. It’s environmentally friendly and safe to use around pets and children. Though it isn’t a food product, it’s been manufactured to food standards to ensure its safety.

What is Green Gobbler?

Green Gobbler is a company that sells a wide range of cleaners, openers, weed killers, and more. They carry a line of drain cleaners that provide similar solutions to BioOne, including the Green Gobbler Septic Saver. This product is designed to help break down organic material that builds up in a septic tank over time. Septic Saver comes in both liquid and pods, and it’s designed for regular use.

While it’s a bacteria-based product, as well, Green Gobbler Septic Saver relies on the enzymes produced by the bacteria to break down waste. The product is environmentally safe, though the packaging recommends storing it away from children and pets.

Differences Between BioOne and Green Gobbler


BioOne contains all natural ingredients that are safe to use on a regular basis in drains, septic tanks, grease traps, and RV holding tanks. It’s made of 100 percent vegetative microbes. The product, both liquid and powder, is free of hazardous and toxic chemicals, as defined by OSHA. While the active ingredient is vegetative microbes, the inactive ingredient in the liquid product is water. There are no added perfumes, and BioOne has a natural, earthy scent.

The ingredients in Green Gobbler Septic Saver Pacs is a wheat-bran based powder containing dye and naturally occurring viable bacterial cultures. The liquid ingredients are stated as 100% natural bacteria & enzymes. OSHA states that the product can be corrosive to metals, and may cause skin irritation and eye damage.


Both BioOne and Green Gobbler Septic Saver are bacteria-based products. Once bacteria are introduced to a septic tank, they get to work immediately breaking down organic material. The enzymes utilized in Green Gobbler will quickly liquify fats, oils, and greases, while BioOne is designed to fully digest FOG.

Liquifying FOG is an effective, short term fix, as liquid grease and fats will likely solidify again. This could happen inside the tank, which would require more product to be added or a septic tank pumping. It could also occur within the leach field, resulting in potential septic backups and possible damage.

A product that relies on bacteria alone may be a more effective solution in the long term. That’s because the bacteria completely digests FOG, rather than liquifies it. When FOG is digested fully, the concern for clogs is reduced. It also helps maintain the natural balance of the tank, and could result in longer time periods between each pumping.

Choosing an Effective Product to Maintain your Septic System

When it comes to septic maintenance, you have many options to choose from. Both BioOne and Green Gobbler Septic Saver will work fast to break down organic matter in your tank. The enzymes in Green Gobbler’s product will liquify FOG, while BioOne utilizes bacteria that fully digest it. Read product labels to learn the ingredients, and follow safety guidelines while using any cleaning product. Prioritizing septic maintenance and choosing the right product will help your tank work effectively well into the future.

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