Septic Tanks

An Organic (Bio) Septic Tank Maintenance & Cleaner

A functioning septic system is vital to many homeowners. Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t think about septic system health until they find signs of a problem. If drains are slowing down, a foul odor can be smelled in kitchens and bathrooms, or water is beginning to back up into your home, your septic tank could be experiencing an issue that likely requires quick action. While troubleshooting septic tank issues is critical, performing regular septic tank maintenance is just as important.

What Makes BioOne Different!

  • U.S. EPA Recognized
  • 1st Microbial Product Recognized
  • 100% Vegetative Microbes
  • Trusted by 1,000’s of Professionals
  • Patented Product
  • Concentrated Dosing

The following BioOne products are commonly used in Septic Tanks for regular cleaning & maintenance.

Common Septic Tank Problems

Some septic tank problems are due to outside forces. If your tank or leach fields are damaged while digging, for example, or if tree roots begin to penetrate the tank itself or the leach piping, professional help will be needed to repair or replace the damaged sections. Driving and parking over the tank and leach fields could also cause exterior damage and should be avoided.

More frequently, however, septic tank issues are caused by what goes into the tank, not what’s happening outside it. Excessive water use, for example, forces the tank to flush waste out of the system too quickly, resulting in frequent clogs caused by the sludge inside the tank. These backups and clogs then push water back into the house through drains and toilets.

The makeup of the waste inside your septic tank could also create problems for your septic system. Harsh chemicals, for instance, will kill off the good bacteria your septic tank needs to breakdown waste. Cleaners and powdered detergents, on the other hand, may contain phosphate, which can act like a fertilizer for algae that could eventually clog the drain lines. In addition, dangerous gasses could be trapped in the tank, causing a foul odor outside, and in kitchens and bathrooms.

Why Choose BioOne?

Liquid BioOne was designed to be an effective tool in your septic tank maintenance program. Unlike other products which only liquefy waste inside the tank, BioOne contains live bacteria that eat and digest solid waste, including fats, oils, and greases. It requires no pH neutralizing, and can thrive in any environment. BioOne acts as a probiotic for your septic tank, maintaining the balance of healthy bacteria throughout your entire system.

Not only is liquid is it extremely effective, BioOne is also safe! It’s made of completely vegetative microbes, so it won’t be hazardous to your family or your pets. In fact, BioOne was recognized by the U.S. EPA Safer Choice program, as an environmentally safe solution to maintaining septic systems and grease traps.

How to use BioOne in Septic Systems

For best results, add liquid BioOne to your septic tank immediately after pumping. This will help to maintain the correct balance of bacteria right away, causing fewer headaches later on. You can then move to a regular maintenance type schedule to ensure your Septic Tank / System remains clean and fully operational.