BioOne 2.5 Gallon 2 Pack Commercial Drain & Grease Trap Maintenance

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BioOne 2.5 Gallon (2 Pack) is the same excellent formula, in the larger commercial 2.5 Gallon size (Shipped with 2, 2.5 Gallons – 5 Gallon Total). Many restaurants use this size with our dispensing system to ensure grease pits & traps remain clean and clear. Its stable performance-ready formulation of live vegetative cultures makes using BioOne easy for commercial & residential applications, including grease pits, traps, ejector pits, drain lines and septic systems.

When used in conjunction with manual drain cleaning, the active microbes colonize in the drain line and eat the gook and slime the cable leaves behind. 

View the Liquid Dispensing System (auto-injection) for Food Service and regular pit / tank maintenance.

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Product Instructions

BioOne 2.5 can be dosed by hand or with the Auto Dispensing System.  

Commercial Grease Traps and Active Commercial Kitchen Drains should be treated daily or as needed based on usage. 

Routine Maintenance: Treat all drains once per month.

Applications: grease pits / traps, FOG containment, restaurants, drains, pump stations 

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 24 in

12 reviews for BioOne 2.5 Gallon 2 Pack Commercial Drain & Grease Trap Maintenance

  1. Amanda

    Amazing customer service. The delivery service damaged the package. And I notified the owner. And he immediately took care of the situation and sent as a whole new package. Highly recommend.

  2. Janice Graham

    Buying BioOne in two 2.5-gallon containers saved me driving a day trip to buy multiple gallon jugs. No one seems to sell it locally. I have used it weekly for about five years. I haven’t had to call a plumber in that time.

  3. Jim Cartwright

    What a great refill option…two 2.5 gallon containers…now we should be set for quite awhile. Look out drains, here it comes!!!

  4. Cindy Stier

    This is the best product I’ve ever used to unstop our sink. We had the plumbers out twice with $400 in fees. The second time he explained that they’d done all they could and that there was buildup deep in the pipes that needed a product with an enzyme to eat away at the problem. Our sinks is draining faster than it has in years. Will continue to use off and on for maintenance and bet we don’t have anymore blockage issues!

  5. hilary sessions

    Service was impeccable!!!!! Ordered one day, shipped that day and received two days later by noon!!!!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jeff Noel

    It may work for some but, I used it in a residential drain field that was backing up. Been 6 weeks and nothing has moved. Put it directly into the D-box. It was suggested by the septic company that pumped my tank. They said they see about a 40 percent success.
    Maybe in more time it will do something.

  7. Ben

    My order did not come as expected and Aqua Pro took immediate action to make it right. FANTASTIC customer service!

  8. Ann Lebar

    Great product to address slow draining older pipes. My plumber referred me to this product and I’m extremely happy with the results. It’s very easy to use and you can see the results after the first treatment.

  9. Rebecca Davis

    Perfect for our kitchen grease traps and other floor drains- no more grease, no more odors!!!

  10. Marion Smith

    After purchasing an older house, I needed to have a plumber come out several times to take care of backed up lines. The last time it happened, the plumber suggested I use BioOne, explained how it worked and that he had some on the truck. I was skeptical and said no thanks. However, I did follow up with some online research and decided I’d give it a try. Since then I have not had a single back up! I use the BioOne in 3 bathroom showers and sinks as well as the kitchen and the laundry utility tub. Its non toxic, simple to use, and has effectively prevented clogged drains!

  11. Jennifer Hoover

    We recently began using BioOne Drain and Grease Trap at our dog boarding facility. We are really enjoying how well BioOne Drain Trap is helping to keep our facility smelling clean and fresh. 1/2 a cup in each of our 3 drains keeps the wet dog smell practically none existent. We have owner’s remarking all the time how nice it is that the facility smells fresh.

  12. JP

    It eats all the fats, oil and grease that somehow got away from me!

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