BioOne 64oz for Residential / Commercial Liquid Drain & Septic Tank Maintenance

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BioOne is a 100% natural piping & drain line cleaner that eliminates the build-up of fats, oils, grease (FOG) as well as food waste. BioOne is also known for its septic tank, grease trap and leach field maintainer efforts, keeping those systems & tanks clear and clean.

BioOne works by using friendly bacteria that eat their way through waste (a natural biological digestion process), eliminating drain line build up. BioOne is Patented and recognized by the EPA as a safer choice product. We’re proud to sell a product with the Safer Choice Label! BioOne is extremely cost effective due to the high number of 32 doses (regular treatments) per bottle. For years BioOne has been trusted by 1,000’s of commercial plumbers & residential consumers.

  • Recognized by the U.S. EPA Safer Product Standards
  • Recipient of the EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award
  • Made in the USA
  • 1st Microbial Product Recognized
  • Non-Hazardous / Non-Pathogenic
  • Safe for People, Pets & Pipes
  • Trusted by 1,000’s of Professionals & Consumers
  • Patented

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Product Instructions

The new bottle design makes measuring and dosing easy.  32 Treatments per bottle. 

Slow Drains: Treat daily for five consecutive days or until drain flows normally.

Routine Maintenance: Treat all drains once per month.

Applications: drains, septic tanks, leach / drain fields, ejector pits, pump stations, grease pits / traps

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in

61 reviews for BioOne 64oz for Residential / Commercial Liquid Drain & Septic Tank Maintenance

  1. Bill S


  2. Gilgalad

    Fast shipping! My leachfield line was backing up and other products weren’t improving the situation. I used a Commercial strength dosage for 5 days and on the 7th day my septic tank level was at the lowest level it had been at in over a year and it stayed there even on a heavy laundry day!! I can’t say enough!

  3. John Hance

    I am a 1st time purchaser of BioOne which was used by a plumber that I used. He recommended to me the use of this product. I purchased 2 bottles and believe it is working for me. Intend to order again when I open 2nd bottle. Definitely cheaper than another plumber visit. I was also impressed by speed of service. I received my order in 2 days and shipping was free. Very impressive. Tks AquaPro

  4. Angela

    Our plumber with Wistler Plumbing suggested this product to us on our last service visit. We have used it monthly as directed, and since then we haven’t had any drain issues. It cleans remarkably, eliminates any odor we have and makes maintenance easy. I occasionally use it in my bathtub as well. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to maintain the cleanliness of their pipes.

  5. Wayne

    I poured it in the smelly drains and left it, it got rid of the odors. I use it for maintenance on drains and septic tank. Had the tank pumped, so I’m using as directed. Seems to be working fine.

  6. Melissa S.

    I am a new customer and have only used it once. So far, so good. I haven’t used the product enough to give a more detailed review yet.

  7. Paul Brooke

    I just bought it. I’ve used it only once. Ask me again in a couple of months. 5 star rating? I had to click something to move this along.

  8. Jesse Jacob

    I have been using this product for maintenance purposes a few years now and never had any issues with any drainage or clog issues. I first learned of this product when my plumber company used it (and I purchased) when they came to replace an older garbage disposer. Only they had their name labeled on the bottle but was definitely the same through this website, which is easier to order and a bit less expensive than getting it from my plumber.

  9. John K

    This product worked great!! It completely solved my problem. Highly recommended, will definitely purchase again!

  10. Katt Healey

    Excellent product to keep washing machine drain free and clear. I use it every month to help prevent plumbing issues in the future.

  11. Terry L

    I had trouble with my kitchen drain. When I first DIY’ed the drian with a drain snake, I pulled back several hard plugs of grease (like hard wax). Over a period of weeks, I would snake the drain and it would be okay for days or a week then it would start clogging again (especially when dishwaser was draining). I purchased and followed the directions on BioOne and so far I haven’t had any issues (about a month). It’s draining like it did when I purchased the house new, 14 years ago. I also started using it down my laundry drain on the second floor. I will continue to use it for preventive maintenance to avoid any future problems.

  12. Dave

    A plumber we paid $700 to snake a (very difficult) drain suggested BioOne and sold us our first bottle. The problem, which had come up once before in the years we’ve been here, has not recurred since I started using BioOne.

    We bought our second bottle from Aquapro Solutions and it was shipped promptly, and at a very competitive price.

    I apply it on the first of every month.

  13. Nancy Green

    It’s been 30 days since the first administration of BioOne. My 2 problem areas was a slow running bathroom sink that I was constantly having to clean out and a musty smell in the kitchen that was coming from the drain. I used it on all the sinks, tub, and toilet and the problem is gone. I have noticed all my drain s running like new. I will definitely be using this product on a regular basis.

  14. Rodger

    Very fast shipping. Seems to be helping with the issue we have. Will purchase again. .

  15. Wayne Reynolds

    I haven’t used the product very long, but so far it works great! At least no more clogged drains. Hopefully the septic tank and the field lines will soon be cleared.

  16. Myrna Brown

    Began using in 2021 at recommendation of plumber. Use once per month for maintenance. Now order directly from AquaPro. Good stuff! No clogs!

  17. Kelly Johnson

    I’ve been using this for years now, and very happy with its performance. Zero septic tank problems. Ordering is easy, shipment was fast. Satisfied with the company and with the product.

  18. Jordan White

    Seems to work. I use one sink for shaving my beard and it used to clog pretty readily. I haven’t noticed clogging since adding BioOne at the recommended amount.

  19. Cathy O’Brien

    A-1 Plumbing cleared a leaking shower drain and then recommended this product. I have seen an improvement in all 4 of my bathroom sinks and my shower drain remains clear. Great product.

  20. John

    the best product i have used to unclog my pipes water was backing up through my shower drain used it for a week problem solved it is truly amazing will definitely purchase again

  21. William Wagy

    So far so good. Recommended by our plumber. It’s only been a couple of months; time will tell. Purchase and delivery service was excellent, and it’s a cool bottle for dispensing.

  22. A.B. Zlobik

    Have been using BioOne for a couple of years now. Originally recommended by my septic tank company. Have not had any problems since. Will continue to use the product on a regular basis.

  23. Ellie

    BioOne was recommended by my plumber and I’m very glad for that recommendation. Ordering from the website is straightforward and shipping is quick.

  24. Robin

    Works well! Recommended by the man who replaced my septic drain field. Really like the way it dispenses without a mess!

  25. Wally Helton

    Product worked great!

  26. Beverly Reach

    This product was recommended by my plumber, but I had used all I bought from him. Finding it online was easy and the price was much better than what I had paid the plumber. The product itself works well .

  27. Kevin Shonce

    I have used this product before under a different name. It keeps my drain tiles surrounding our house free of FOG and clogs. I am very happy to find a new supplier.

  28. Keith

    Service was fast. Our plumber recommended this product and it works great. Thank you

  29. Sherry Zealley

    Works really well, especially on hair in shower drains.

  30. R. Sullivan

    So glad my plumber recommended this. Works quickly and as advertised

  31. Lynn

    This really works. My Houston air conditioners empty into the plumbing system, and I learned the hard way to keep them flowing is very important unless you want an overflowing sink. My havc company recommends this product. I use it monthly, and all is good.

  32. Randolph Steer

    We are very pleased with BioOne. Have been using it for almost five years and it seems to be doing exactly what it claims … keeping the septic system clear and healthy. The price is reasonable and the method of application is simple.

  33. John Birtcher

    I also live in an old house and started using this product for preventative measures to keep the drains clear. I have been using since February. So far so good!

  34. Craig

    We had plumbers come out and run a camera through our pipes because of the sewer smell in our showers/tubs. Nothing was wrong, just the way the pipes were installed during construction. They recommended BioOne and we tried it–not really expecting it to work. It worked great! No more sewer smells from the drains. We’ll be using BioOne regularly.

  35. Gary of West Central Florida

    Had drain field problems.
    Followed directions for first application then applications afterwards.
    After six months I now can see drainfields are working via the green grass growing above them, a sign the drain fields are leaching water as they should.
    We pay extra attention not to use caustic cleaners and NO FAT/GREASE down drains or toilet.
    So far, extremely pleased.
    By the way, are septic service owner recommended the product after pumping tank.
    Was told if I use this product, would have a good operating system from now on.

  36. Jen

    BioOne was recommended to me and it works great. So convenient that I was able to find it on Aqua Pro website, made it easy to buy and ship to my house within a few days. I will definitely be using Aqua Pro for my future purchases of BioOne.

  37. William Brown

    BioOne is a great product. We use it in all the campground septic system to help maintain them.

  38. James Long

    I’ve used BioOne for the last 4 years to maintain my septic system. Great product. Highly recommended.

  39. robert goldsmith

    First time customer – happy happy !
    This was the only such product recommended by my professional plumber and, wow, it really worked.

  40. Walter Blanchard

    I live in an old house that had a lot of build up in the pipes. I had water backing up in the sinks and slow to drain. BioOne cuts right through all of the build up. Since using BioOne I have not had any problems with clogged or slow drains.

  41. Mark VanFossan

    So far so good.
    Have not had any more drain problems.
    Highly recommended!

  42. Eric Oleson

    BioOne has helped us with old pipe issues. Pour 2 oz. of BioOne down drains the first of every month. Used to have clogged pipes and slow drainage, all mostly gone and getting better every month. We have had three plumbers work on pipe issues in last year and they all highly recommended BioOne when they saw the container under our sink. Highly recommended.

  43. Fred McClaren

    Easy to use and effective.

  44. Kenneth mauck

    Have not had any drain problems with sinks and tubs/shower or toilet flushing since using BioOne.

  45. Daniel Grace

    Excellent service- great product.

  46. Debbie D

    The product is great, BUT when it arrived some of the product leaked out of the top.😐

  47. John birtcher

    I have used the product for one month, so I cannot actually attest to the long term benefits. I do know I had to have some drains cleared recently, and the drain cleaning company recommended their version of Bio One. So, it is well known in the industry.


    AquaPro provided outstanding service. Fulfilment of my order was fast and accurate. I have used BioOne for several years and have been very pleased with its performance in my septic system.
    I give high kudos to AquaPro customer service and highly recommend the BioOne product.

  49. Todd Grotelueschen

    Product recommended by plumber after requiring yearly service to clear clogged drains. So far, it has worked as advertised. I would recommend to anyone with a septic system.

  50. Gary

    Recommended by our son-in-law who is a plumber. Have been using it for years and haven’t had any more problems. Will continue to use.

  51. Linda A Begandy

    Thank you thank you! For years the sewer was unbearable not now. Bio One is amazing!I will be back to order again.

  52. David Floren

    Product works as advertised. Shipping time was within acceptable parameters, packaging good, and bottle designed cleverly to allow for instant measurements within the bottle prior to pouring (no separate measuring cup needed).

  53. kathleen m mostafa

    Excellent product for avoiding back ups and keeping the water lines open. Recommended by my plumber, who was unclogging my lines every 6 months or so. Haven’t had another service call since using this. Pour it down the drains once a month, and all is good !

  54. Kevin Solsten

    Our drains are flowing extremely well and now we are on monthly maintenance.
    A dramatic difference from an exceptional product.

  55. Robert Hanley

    After numerous trips to my house by my Plumber to unclog my Kitchen drain he suggested BioOne, so far it is working. No Plumber needed for months, knock on wood. AQUA PRO and BioOne are a great combination, both do what they say they will. I am impressed by AQUA PRO, very efficient. Will definitely us AQUA PRO and BioOne again.

  56. Jason Scheetz

    Product works great. It was recommended by a local septic company and has done a great job.

  57. Henry Michael

    It works!

  58. Brandon Strub

    I have been using BioOne as maintenance for years on my septic system. It is easy to use and organic. The biggest testimonial though- my father-in-law’s drain field was failing and this solution seems to have reversed the damage. Highly recommend!

  59. Tyler Bishop

    I’m very impressed with how effective this solution has worked in comparison to other products I have tried out. Very easy to use and is better for the longevity of your system because it is organic. I will definitely be using BioOne for maintenance moving forward and I recommend others give it a try.

  60. Doug Doyle

    This is a great product – we’ve used on our residential drain system for nearly 2 years and it cuts through about everything – simple application and easy to use – highly recommended!

  61. Korey Kashmer

    This product cuts grease extremely well. Our basement pit collects grease from our kitchen sink. Using BioOne has cut down on pit cleaning. I haven’t had to clean it since using this product. I definitely recommend!

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