EPA Recognized & Proven Bacterial Drain Cleaner

BioOne is easy to use, fast acting, safe,
and maintenance is cheaper than a plumber.

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Applications include Septic Tanks, Leach Fields, Grease Pits, Commercial & Residential Drains

What is BioOne?

BioOne is your solution for septic tank care, grease trap maintenance , drain field repair and drain pipe maintenance. Each dose reintroduces the bacteria that your system requires to be in natural balance. Manufactured by One Biotechnology, BioOne is recognized by the EPA as a Safer Choice and Designed for the Environment. According to the EPA, “Only products that meet the Safer Choice Standard, which includes stringent human health and environmental criteria, are allowed to carry the Safer Choice label.” The caustic and antibacterial products in our daily lives destroy the bacteria required for healthy waste systems. Septic tanks, grease pits, leach fields and drains should include BioOne. It is like probiotics for your drain system. Read More »

Why BioOne?

Your septic tank / leach field is full of living organisms eating the fats, oils, greases and organic matter that collect in your waste systems. Keeping these systems in balance is critical for healthy flow and balance. BioOne is safe and effective at reintroducing the bacteria needed for balanced and healthy septic systems. By adding BioOne, your drains, leach fields, grease pits and septic systems will unclog and flow better, reducing pumping & preventing problems.

BioOne Cleaning Timeline

The Product at Work

“ Jamie from EDS Pumps introduced this product to our plant approximately six weeks ago. We were experiencing high H2S readings in our sewer lift station when Omega Environmental Service cleans this station. We starting using the product in hopes that it would reduce or eliminate the high readings that Omega was encountering on their month service. BioOne was used on non-production days, pouring 2-4 oz. in all of the drains, starting with the farthest from the lift station. Also 4 litres was poured into the lift station and 4 litres in the holding/sediment tank. Omega reported that the high H2S readings were nonexistent or very low during the next cleaning. It was observed that the lift station fluid surface was clean and clear as was the holding/sediment tank. We have created a weekly schedule to use BioOne as its use has been very good. This product is found to be effective in breaking down fats that accumulate in the lines reducing the occurrence of plugged drain lines. ”

Cam Imlach, Maintenance Leadhand - Britco Pork Inc.