ZeroFlush Odor Barrier Kit (2 Pack)

USD $99.00

ZeroFlush®, zero water urinals are the culmination of proven technology, environmental concern and innovation. The ZeroFlush odor barrier kit includes everything needed to install into your ZeroFlush toilet. Works for approximately 15,000 uses between replacement per set. (2 Pack Included)

The kit includes: 2 Drain Inserts, Insert Removal Tool and 2 12oz Odor Barrier liquid bottles. 


  • Saves roughly 3 swimming pools of water per year!
  • Eliminates flooding / flushing (important in some applications)
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Free of odor
  • 15,000 uses before any maintenance
  • No need to add new oil between cartridge replacement
  • Insert is recyclable

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Product Instructions


  • 2 White drain inserts
  • Insert removal tool
  • 2 ZeroFlush odor barrier liquid (12oz bottles)

How it works:

  • Install drain insert
  • Trap complete
  • First, add 32oz of water. Second, add 12oz of Odor Barrier Oil
  • Trap ready for use
  • First use
  • Ongoing use


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