Grease Traps & Pits

BioOne, the Perfect Maintenance / Cleaning Product for Grease Traps & Pits

As a restaurant owner, you understand the importance of a well-functioning grease trap, and the headaches it can cause when not properly maintained. You may not, however, want to spend the extra time and money to have the grease trap pumped frequently. BioOne is an all-natural product that quickly breaks down the fats, oils, and greases, or FOG, in your grease trap or pit, resulting in fewer clogs and less frequent pumpings.

What Makes BioOne Different!

  • U.S. EPA Recognized
  • 1st Microbial Product Recognized
  • 100% Vegetative Microbes
  • Trusted by 1,000’s of Professionals
  • Used in Restaurants & Food Service
  • Concentrated Dosing

Why Grease Traps Fail

 When a grease trap isn’t functioning properly, it can cause big problems for your restaurant or commercial kitchen. So how—and why—do grease traps fail? The why is fairly easy. When grease traps are not cleaned properly or pumped regularly, the grease buildup can cause a variety of problems that need immediate attention. The first sign of a problem with the grease trap might be a foul odor. It may emanate from the pit outside, or worse, could begin to back up into your kitchen and dining areas. When this happens, it could be a sign that your grease trap needs maintenance and likely a pumping.

Clogs are also common in grease traps and grease pits. These occur because fats, oils, and greases begin to build up in the line, blocking more grease, or even wastewater, from making its way down the sewer line. Sometimes, this clog occurs in the crossover line that connects the two compartments of the grease trap: the first, which helps to separate the solids and liquids, and the second, which allows the liquified waste to enter the outgoing sewer line. You may also notice a clog that occurs in the incoming or outgoing lines of the grease pit. When grease is not pumped frequently enough, the trap may also overflow, which could cause an eventual clog in any of the lines or compartments.

Why Use BioOne?

BioOne is an extremely effective product designed to degrade fats, oils, and greases in grease traps, septic tanks, and leach fields. While there are many other products on the market, most only liquefy FOG. It can then make its way further down the line, where it may solidify again in the outgoing pipe. The active microbes in BioOne get to work right away, literally eating the FOG in your grease trap or grease pit, converting it to water and carbon dioxide that can then freely flow out of the trap and into the sewer line.

Liquid BioOne isn’t just known for its effectiveness, it’s also been recognized for its safety. Made to food safety standards and run through over 100 quality checks, it’s been recognized by the EPA Safer Choice program as well. Because it’s made of completely vegetative microbes, BioOne is non-hazardous and completely safe to use in your restaurant or commercial kitchen.

We understand that restaurant owners and kitchen managers have a lot on their plates every day, and that grease trap maintenance may not be at the top of the to-do list until an issue arises. That’s why we offer the Auto-Injection System with the liquid BioOne product. Once installed, the AIS will automatically dispense the right amount of BioOne needed to keep FOG levels down and drain lines flowing. The Auto-Injection System is so reliable, you may even forget it’s there!

Saving Your Establishment Money

When a grease trap needs frequent pumping, it can cost a restaurant valuable time and money. If problems like clogs or overflows occur, or if a rotten smell makes its way into the dining room, even more headaches can arise for restaurant owners. Using BioOne in conjunction with the Auto-Injection System will eliminate clogged lines, reduce rotten smells, and cut down on the frequency of your grease trap pumping. Let the microbes in BioOne focus on degrading fats, oils, and greases while you can get back to focusing on making delicious food and delivering impeccable service.