ZeroFlush® ZF101 No-Water Urinal

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The ZeroFlush® (now Purleve) no water urinal is a patented system that combines years of proven technology coupled with a concern for the environment and innovation. This no water urinal provides odor free performance and trouble free operation for years. If you have difficulties getting access to a water supply, this system is perfect. Restroom sanitation and hygiene improve with the EnviroSeal / Liquid Barrier ZeroFlush 101.

This Urinal has been developed to be economical and environmentally friendly, consuming no water and being an extremely competitive urinal in the global marketplace.

This ZeroFlush® 101 urinal can be used with Pūrleve’s ‘Liquid Odor Barrier System’ or Pūrleve’s EnviroSeal™ system (either J-Trap or Elastomer)

All ZeroFlush® urinals come equipped with the following items to allow for complete installation:

  • Drain Flange Coupler
  • Wall Bracket
  • Insert Key
  • Drain Insert
  • Odor Barrier Liquid or EnviroSeal System
  • Installation & Maintenance Instructions

The ZeroFlush® and Pūrleve™ systems are typically installed in the following areas: Restaurants, Hotels, Office Buildings, Educational Facilities, Clean Rooms, Foot Service & Prep Areas, Healthcare Facilities, and More.

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Product Instructions

• Largest built-in waste trap of any no water urinal
• Averages 15,000 uses or an estimated 6 months before any maintenance
• No Cartridges
• Free of odor
• Easiest to maintain and clean
• Lowest operational and maintenance cost
• No water or sewer cost
• Quickest return on investment
• Improved design reduces splash
• Easy installation and retrofitting
• Water efficiency LEED™ point accumulation
• Vitreous china
• No Leaky Valves
• No Hard Water Stains
• Eliminate Wasteful Flushing
• Eliminate Overflows
• Eliminate Flooding
• No Harsh Chemicals
ZeroFlush® Product ZF-101
Vitreous China No-Water Wall Hung Urinal with integral housing and drain insert.
Dimensions: 19” W x 28” H x 15.5” D
Non-ADA Rough-In: For 24” lip height, drain center line must be 17” from floor
ADA Rough-In: For 17” lip height, drain center line must be 9.5” from floor
Approximate Weight: 60 lbs.
Color: White

Meets ASME A112.19.2-2008 and ASME A112.19.19-2006 for Nonwater Consuming Vitreous China Urinals as referenced in both the UPC and IPC.

IAPMOIGC 161-2000 and ANZIZ125.9-94

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 15.5 × 19 × 28 in
Drain Insert Kit

Liquid Barrier Drain, EnviroSeal Drain – J Trap, EnviroSeal Drain – Elastomer Seal




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