ZeroFlush® ZF201 Waterless Urinal

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The ZeroFlush® (now Purleve) waterless urinal is a patented system that combines years of proven technology coupled with a concern for the environment and innovation. This no water urinal provides odor free performance and trouble-free operation for years. If you have difficulties getting access to a water supply, this system is perfect. Restroom sanitation and hygiene improve with the EnviroSeal / Liquid Barrier System.

The ZF201 Model is a larger version of the ZF501 Model. We stock each version online. See Product details for dimension differences. 

This Urinal has been developed to be economical and environmentally friendly, consuming no water (waterless) and being an extremely competitive urinal in the global marketplace.

This ZeroFlush® 201 urinal can be used with Pūrleve’s ‘Liquid Odor Barrier System’ or Pūrleve’s EnviroSeal™ system (either J-Trap or Elastomer)

All ZeroFlush® urinals come equipped with the following items to allow for complete installation:

  • Drain Flange Coupler
  • Wall Bracket
  • ZeroFlush Insert Key
  • Drain Insert
  • Odor Barrier Liquid or EnviroSeal System
  • Installation & Maintenance Instructions

The ZeroFlush® and Pūrleve™ systems are typically installed in the following areas: Restaurants, Hotels, Office Buildings, Educational Facilities, Clean Rooms, Foot Service & Prep Areas, Healthcare Facilities, and More. 

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Product Instructions

• Largest built-in waste trap of any no water urinal
• Averages 15,000 uses or an estimated 6 months before any maintenance
• No Cartridges
• Free of odor
• Easiest to maintain and clean
• Lowest operational and maintenance cost
• No water or sewer cost (waterless)
• Quickest return on investment
• Improved design reduces splash
• Easy installation and retrofitting
• Water efficiency LEED™ point accumulation
• White Vitreous china
• No Leaky Valves
• No Hard Water Stains
• Eliminate Wasteful Flushing
• Eliminate Overflows
• Eliminate Flooding
• No Harsh Chemicals
ZeroFlush® Product ZF-201
Vitreous China No-Water Wall Hung Urinal with integral housing and drain insert.
Dimensions: 15.9” W x 24.8” H x 15.5” D
Non-ADA Rough-In: For 24” lip height, drain center line must be 17” from floor
ADA Rough-In: For 17” lip height, drain center line must be 9.13” from floor
Approximate Weight: 40 lbs.
Color: White

Meets ASME A112.19.2-2008 and ASME A112.19.19-2006 for Nonwater Consuming Vitreous China Urinals as referenced in both the UPC and IPC.

IAPMOIGC 161-2000 and ANZIZ125.9-94

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 15.5 × 15.9 × 24.8 in
Drain Insert Kit

Liquid Barrier Drain, EnviroSeal Drain – J Trap, EnviroSeal Drain – Elastomer Seal




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