Organic Drain Maintenance & Cleaner (Sinks, Toilets, Floor Drains, Etc.)

Dealing with a slow drain or frequent clogs can throw a wrench in daily routines. Whether you need to wash a sink full of dishes at your home / restaurant or you need to take a shower after a days work, you rely on drains to remove water from your home or business quickly.

Used regularly, BioOne can safely and effectively keep drains free of buildup, ensuring your pipes stay clear, clean and flowing properly.

What Makes BioOne Different!

  • U.S. EPA Recognized
  • 1st Microbial Product Recognized
  • 100% Vegetative Microbes
  • Trusted by 1,000’s of Professionals
  • Patented Product
  • Concentrated Dosing

Common Household & Commercial Drain Problems

A slow draining sink, shower, or toilet can be a cause of concern. While the wastewater eventually makes its way down, the delay can not only be frustrating, it can also indicate a larger, unseen problem. For kitchen sinks, both commercial and residential, a slow drain could be a sign of grease and fat buildup in the pipes. These substances may make their way down the drain in liquid form, but solidify somewhere in the drain line. Shower drains can be slowed by build up of soap residue and oils that wash down the drain. Either way, it’s best to clear and maintain drain lines as soon as slowing is noticeable, to avoid larger clogs and potential damage later on.

Clogs can certainly be caused by a singular large object making its way down the drain, but more often than not, a clog is due to a buildup of smaller particles over time. Once a clog occurs, however, there’s more to be concerned about than backed up water. It can also cause increased water pressure in your lines, which could lead to more significant damage down the road. The best way to deal with a clogged drain is to avoid it altogether through regular drain maintenance. 

Why Choose BioOne?

BioOne is a non-hazardous alternative to the many drain clearing products on the market today. It’s made of 100% live, vegetative microbes, it’s safe to use around pets and kids. BioOne won’t degrade your pipes, and is safe to be used in any drain in your home. Once inside the pipes, the patented bacteria will get to work liquifying organic matter, including fats, oils, and greases, which can be tough to dissolve with other products. BioOne is safe to use regularly to keep your pipes clear and your drains running freely.

How to Use BioOne to Maintain Drains

For slow drains, treat daily for up to five days, or until the drain flows freely again. For clogged drains, use a snake or other method to remove the clog, then apply BioOne for up to five days to ensure the clog has been completely removed or dissolved. Treat all drains once a month as a part of regular drain maintenance to limit clogs and slow flowing drains in the future.