Waterless Garage Urinal

ZeroFlush (PurLeve) Waterless Urinals are the Perfect Solution for Your Garage

Thinking of installing a urinal in your garage? A garage urinal can be practical to avoid tracking mud inside or leaving the man cave. Traditional urinals need maintenance and water access, and can cause bad odors. A waterless urinal is easy to install, maintain, and keeps your garage smelling fresh.

The Benefits of Installing a Waterless Urinal System

  • Convenient access
  • No water source needed
  • EnviroSeal system blocks odors
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy to install

The following ZeroFlush (PurLeve) products are commonly used in garage urinal applications.

What’s a Waterless Urinal?

A traditional urinal uses a flushing mechanism to send water into the basin, washing urine into the drain along with it. Depending on their age, a traditional urinal can use a gallon or more of water each time it’s flushed. Bacteria and gasses, like foul odors, can also make their way out of the drainpipe and into the room. Urinal cakes attempt to mask the odors, but they can’t reduce the bacteria in the air.

When you use a waterless, or no-flush, urinal, the sloped basin easily carries urine toward the drain without the use of water. Rather than having an open drain, the drain in a no-flush urinal is fitted with a disposable cartridge and seal. The cartridge contains a chemical that is less dense than urine, which helps to push urine into the drainpipe, and the seal keeps odors and bacteria out of your garage!

Because no water supply is needed, a waterless urinal is the perfect option for a garage. All that is needed is access to a drainpipe. Maintenance couldn’t be simpler, either. Just spray the basin regularly with a manufacturer-recommended cleaning spray. No water or scrubbing required. You’ll also need to change the cartridge and seal regularly, based on product guidelines.


Why Choose a ZeroFlush / PurLeve Waterless Urinal System?

The patented ZeroFlush / PurLeve Waterless Urinal system has combined years of technology and innovation to provide you with a seamless solution for your garage. Because no waterline is needed, it’s easy to install. This also means you won’t have to worry about flooding if the urinal overflows, and no winterization is necessary, even in non-insulated spaces.

This system is more than just the waterless urinal itself. It also includes a Liquid Odor Barrier System which prevents odors from taking over your garage, and the EnviroSeal drain insert, which keeps the urinal working effectively for up to 6 months. Our high-quality urinal systems are the go-to waterless urinals for restaurants, office buildings, and healthcare facilities, but their easy installation also make them the perfect fit for your garage or workshop.


Easy Installation and Maintenance for Your Garage Urinal

If you’re looking to make your garage a more functional space, a waterless urinal could be the solution you’re looking for. Without the need to access a waterline, installation is easy, and you won’t have to worry about flooding your workspace either. Our Liquid Odor Barrier and EnviroSeal drain insert also ensure that your garage will smell like sawdust, motor oil, or an ice-cold beer, but never urine. Maintenance couldn’t be easier, either. Simply replace your cartridge every six months to have a functional, convenient bathroom option in your garage all year long.