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Can BioOne be used in an RV Holding Tank?

RV Camper in the Woods

When you were shopping for an RV or camper, you were probably focused on the number of beds, the style of the kitchen, or even the size of the shower. All of these things are an important part of the camping experience, but don’t overlook another essential feature: the holding tank. If it’s working properly, you may even forget about your holding tank, but if it’s not, your RV may not be filled with happy campers. It’s critical to maintain your RV holding tank while you’re out on the road, and BioOne can help.

How to Care for Your RV Holding Tank

At home, what you flush down the toilets and pour down your drains might seem like an “out of sight, out of mind” process. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with your RV or camper toilets and drains, where everything flows into one or two holding tanks with limited capacity. Whatever winds up in the tanks, from wastewater to food scraps, must be dumped from the tanks periodically to avoid back-ups and foul odors.

In order to care for your RV holding tank, you need to be mindful of what ends up in it. When the wrong things make their way into the tank, they can cause clogs and a host of other issues. Be sure to flush only waste, wastewater, and toilet paper down your camper toilets. Things like paper towels, baby wipes, and feminine hygiene items should be thrown away instead. When it comes to your sink drains, stick to water and gentle soaps. Even anti-bacterial soaps or cleaners can throw off the natural balance of the tank and slow the breakdown process.

Your holding tanks will need to be dumped regularly. The exact frequency will be determined by a variety of factors, including the size of the tanks and the number of people using the RV kitchen and bathrooms. As a general rule, though, it’s a good idea to dump your tanks every 4 to 5 days, or when your tank reaches two-thirds capacity. If you need to dump your RV holding tanks before they are filled, add some water to the tank to allow the solids to be flushed away easier.

Flushing your tank helps remove build-up inside it, and it’s just as important as regular dumpings, though it’s not needed as frequently. Consider doing a full tank flush to loosen caked-on waste and debris after every 3 to 5 dumpings.

Why is BioOne a Good Product for Your Tank?

Usually, when it comes to tackling tough cleaning projects, we reach for harsh chemicals. They aren’t the best choice for your RV holding tank, though. When you use caustic cleaners to scrub your camper’s sink or toilet, those chemicals will eventually make their way into your holding tanks, where they will kill off the good bacteria inside.

When the bacteria is no longer present, the waste inside won’t break down quickly. You’re likely to experience foul smells, and you’ll need to dump your tank more often as well. Any harsh products, including cleaners like bleach and ammonia, and other liquids like alcohol should be avoided if possible.

Instead, opt for natural cleaning methods, and be sure to add a bacteria-based product like BioOne to your tanks regularly. Rather than kill off the bacteria inside, when you flush BioOne, it will introduce new bacteria to your holding tank. Once inside, the bacteria will get right to work breaking down and fully digesting the waste inside. The result is a reduction in odors and more time between dumpings for your RV or camper holding tank. (Note, BioOne comes in gallon sizes as well as a dry formula).

Using BioOne in your RV Holding Tank

Whether you’re a weekend camper or a full time RV-er, caring for your RV holding tank should be a high priority. Start by switching up some habits. Avoid flushing anything but wastewater and toilet paper down your toilet, and keep harsh cleaners out of your sink drains too. Dump your tank when it’s about two-thirds full, and consider flushing the holding tank after every 3 to 5 dumps, as well. Using a bacteria-based product will help maintain the natural balance of the tank and may even reduce the frequency of dumpings. The next time you hit the road, bring some BioOne with you to keep your holding tank well maintained throughout your trip and into the future.

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