Residential Drain Field Rejuvenation with BioOne

drain fieldResidential drain fields are designed to allow the discharged water to percolate through the biomat. Drain fields fail for several reasons:

  1. Hydraulic overload (too much water being released into the septic tank and then discharged into the drain field)
  2. Organic overload (too much non-degraded grease, oil, and organic matter)
  3. Chemical overload (excessive chemicals destroy the bacteria necessary for degrading waste)
  4. Faulty design or installation

For best results, pump septic tank and add 2.5 gallons of liquid BioOne directly into the septic tank. Adding another 2.5 gallons of liquid BioOne for every 400 square feet of drain field through the distribution box and or header pipe is also strongly advised. Continue treatment by following the recommended dosing parameters.

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For completely failed drain fields, the most immediate results will be obtained when liquid BioOne dosing is coupled with soil fracturing.