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ZeroFlush 12 oz. Liquid Odor Barrier
ZeroFlush 12 oz. Liquid Odor Barrier
Drain Insert is made of 100% recyclable ABS plastic; Odor Barrier Liquid is 100% natural and biodegradable. Odor Barrier lasts for up to 18,000 uses before replacement is necessary. Maintenance: After approximately 18,000 uses simple routine maintenance should be performed. Maintenance consists of replacing the drain insert and giving the system a quick water rinse. Frequency obviously depends upon how heavily the urinals are used.

Remove the drain insert with the tool provided. You will notice the remaining odor barrier fluid and any urine inside the waste trap will automatically flush away down the waste pipe. Rinse the waste line with a bucket of water. Install new drain insert into the housing. Pour in all-in-one ZeroFlush® Odor barrier fluid through the drain insert and the urinal is ready for use. At no time will the person replacing the odor barrier fluid come in contact with urine.
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