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Purleve BioPur Enzyme Blocks (30)
Purleve BioPur Enzyme Blocks (30)
The Purleve BioPur enzymes are composed of specially formulated bacterial cultures capable of degrading uric acid, the leading cause of odors in urinals. The enzyme blocks contain powerful biological cleaning agents, proven to maintain clear and odor free urinal traps and lines by degrading crystalline structure or uric acid that can slow the drain system and standard traps. These enzyme blocks are designed to be safer and less damaging than the conventional pCDM chemicals used in most urinal blocks.

The BioPur kits are cost efficient and can help save money by prolonging the use of the Purleve EnviroSeal and minimizing time for urinal cleanings. Specifically, the BioPur enzymes dispense bacteria, water softening agents into the Purleve EnviroSeal system and pipelines each time the urinal is used or cleaned. The unique formula targets and cleans scaling build-ups as it deodorizes.

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