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Bio Treat Plus Septic Tank Treatment
Bio Treat Plus Septic Tank Treatment
BioTreat Plus is BioTreat with enzymes - these enzymes attack fats, oils, and starches to a lesser extent. Fats, oils and greases - FOG by people in the industry - float and become scum. They are biodegraded slowly. Bacteria will attack FOG but it's a slow process. By adding enzymes for FOG to BioTreat this process is made faster.

BioTreat is a botanical extract that stimulates existing bacteria - increases their metabolism - makes them work faster. It also makes them adapt faster to their food source. Micro nutrients - zinc, boron, copper etc. - are added to work with Bio Treat to help bacteria work over small energy steps in the digestion process. Bio Treat originally was sold to Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP's) to reduce sludge, odor and suspended solids. This helped many industrial and municipal WWTP's meet water discharge requirements and lower their cost of operation through sludge reduction, in an environmentally safe way; eliminating the need for harsher chemical agents.
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