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Bio One Dry
Bio One Dry
BioOne Dry arrives in a 2 pound canister, which contains up to 100 treatments. BioOne is economical, professional strength, safe on plumbing and environmentally friendly. BioOne Dry is easy to use - just mix warm water and one level tablespoon of BioOne Dry with the scoop provided, and pour down slow flowing drain. For septic systems, mix entire canister with warm water and add directly to septic system or flush down toilet.

BioOne eliminates build-up such as hair, soap scum and grease that slow down and clog drains and the insides of pipes. The friendly bacteria eat their way through the waste eliminating the problem. Through natural biological digestion, waste build-up in drains is eliminated. BioOne is economical and safe for the environment - eliminating grease and food waste-related plumbing problems. BioOne is so powerful it's patented. Patented protection against pipe build-up, clogs and costly messes.
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