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Bio One Auto Injection System
Bio One Auto Injection System
BioOne Auto-Injection System can eliminate costly grease trap related problems which cause slow and stopped drains. The system automatically meters the correct amount of BioOne to keep drain lines flowing and improve grease trap efficiency. Live vegetative bacteria are injected via the convenient programmable auto-injection system.

Once BioOne is in the drain lines and grease trap the friendly bacteria take over, immediately consuming oil, grease and organic matter. Unlike other products that emulsify grease and oil, BioOne literally consumes it - converting the food wastes into carbon dioxide and water.

BioOne is the most effective microbial drain treatment available. BioOne contains no soaps, no harsh chemicals, no premixing and no waiting. The BioOne Auto-Injection System is safe, simple and dependable - just start it up, load it up, and forget about it.
Price: $350.98
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