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H2O Easy Guardian Under Counter Filtration System
H2O Easy Guardian Under Counter Filtration System
The h2O Easy Guardian Under-Counter Water Filtration System is a one-of-a-kind water filtration system designed to fit easily under your kitchen sink and connect directly to your cold water faucet. You don't need to hire a plumber to install an additional bar style faucet and there is no more pressure drop. The filtration system is the only under counter filter that flows through your existing sink faucet at the same 2.5 gallons per minute rate you are accustomed to.

With a rated capacity of 25,000 gallons for the carbon filtration tank, you get healthful, good tasting water that is micro-biologically safe for about 2¢ a gallon. For the person that is concerned about the health and well being of their family, the Under-Counter Water Filtration System is the very best Point-of-Use water filter in the market today.

Entire system 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee; 10 year manufacturer's guarantee for tanks; pro-rated guarantee for tank media; 1 year limited guarantee for UV Disinfection apparatus.

Quality, Convenience, and Value: Our four stage filtration process, engineered with the most advanced filtration media available today, results in a 25,000 gallons filter that improves the taste, odor and clarity of drinking water while effectively reducing contaminants like lead, lindane, chlorine, benzene, bacteria and cysts. Add our state-of-the-art production and quality control processes and you have the very best under-counter water filtration system money can buy.


Operational Limits

Operating pressure range:

20 - 100 psi (1.4 - 6.8 bar)

Operating Temperature range:

40° - 100° F (4°- 38° C)

Rated service flow:

2.5 gpm (9.33L/min.)

Carbon Filter Capacity:

25,000 gallons or up to 4 years

UV Filter Capacity:

Replace UV Bulb every 12 months

Replacement tank:

available - 25,000 gallon capacity

Input/output size:


UV Electrical requirements:

120 VAC


Price: $349.00
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