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Dual Flush Pro Toilet Conversion Kit
Dual Flush Pro Toilet Conversion Kit

Description: Easy to use lever handle operation Easily adjustable half and full flush volume & overflow tube Adjustable 11" anti-siphon fill valve Solid brass tank-to-bowl bolt & sponge rubber gasket kit Fill & flush valve IAPMO tested & approved Elegant chrome & satin nickel dual flush lever handle with direction indicator High efficiency adjustable dual flush valve with 10” cable drive & lever handle Flow: 0.8/1.6 GPF @ 80psi* 

Compliance: California Energy Commission (CEC) American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) EPA WaterSense CSA B125.3-2005 IAPMO PS 50-2005

Limited Lifetime Warranty: This is the same high efficiency tank fitting system used on the new AquaPro CEU line of Water Sense approved HET Dual Flush Toilets. It can be installed to convert most major brand 1.6 GPF toilets such as American Standard, Crane, Eljer Kohler, Lamosa, Mancessa, Mansfield, Toto, Universal Rundel, Vortens and others that use a standard 2" flapper.

Different toilet brands offer varying degrees of performance, so it is best to install with factory presettings in place and then gradually adjust if additional flush reduction is desired. You will experience trouble-free operation as well as significant annual water savings starting with each flush. Half-flush rates and performance are based on average installation and sample testing. Actual performance may vary depending on toilet brand and model. Kit is designed only for use on existing 1.6gpf toilets with standard 2" flappers.

Price: $19.98
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